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Are you going on a trip or vacation? Do you want your kitty to be safe and happy just like you?

Use services of the best cat sitter in Prag!

Claudia, your professional cat mom.

I`m coming from České Budějovice. I have studied secondary medical school and worked as a nurse. I am currently studying biology at university.

I have 7 years of experience with cat care. I fostered cats and kittens for several years for Kočky České Budějovice.

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Why me?

I absolutely love my job

I`m doing my job with love. I care about animals too much, which is good for you! 

I`m highly experienced

As a forsterer I experienced a lot of different situations with many cats. I`m talking about adults, little newborns and even seniors.

I`m flexible

Book me LAST MINUTE or in late hours.

Be in touch with your kitty

You will be well informed the whole time about your kitty – how is he/she doing mentally and physically. Including cute pictures of course.

How it works?


This is our first meeting!

You will tell me everything about your cat, everything you want from me and what your kitty wants. Then we will sign forms about your cat sitting and you will borrow me your keys.

  • The price of the briefing includes returning your keys too.


1. Happy cat time 

Every cat is unique and has different personality, habits or moods. This service is created to fit exactly to your cat. It includes: playing, petting, talking, reading stories, etc.

* duration : 15 / 30 / 60 min

2. Basic care of your cat

Cat mom will take the best care of your kitty.

* duration : about 15 min

3. Health monitoring

During the whole time is your cat under control of our professional cat sitter. Any physical or mental changes are reported to you ASAP!

Basic care includes:

Fresh water all the time

Fresh and clean water is a matter of course.

Full feeding bowl

Half full bowl cat for your kitty with cat mom does not exist!

Cat hygiene

Perfect hygiene is basis for every pet. You can count on 100% clean cat toilet and surroundings.


Tooth and fur brushing, cleaning ears, transport to the vet, etc.

Cleaning incidents

Cleaning puddles, trichobezoars, etc.

Be in touch with your kitty

You will be informed the whole time about your cat – how is he/she doing mentally and physically. Including cute pictures of course.

Additional services

Taking care of your tiniest pets (bunnies, parrots, guinea pigs, snakes, hamsters...)

Collecting a mailbox and taking out the trash

Ventilating your place

Taking care of your plants

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Price list

Cat sitting

Once a day
15 min
350 CZK
Once a day
30 min
440 CZK
Twice a day
30 min
800 CZK
Twice a day
60 min
800 CZK

Premium services

Cat sitting overnight
12 hours - in a row
2 600 CZK
Cat sitting during the day
12 hours - in a row
3 500 CZK
Cat sitting day + night
24 hours - in a row
5 300 CZK
2 days and more
discount min. 10 %.

Dog walking

Once a day 
30 min
440 CZK
Once a day 
60 min
800 CZK

Other services

260 CZK
Additional services
80 CZK
I also offer the option of cat sitting shelters, in this case is amount of price by agreement. I will be happy to support an organization or project dedicated to the issue of cats in need! <3

Prices do not depend on the number of cats in your home, it is possible to order cat sitting for more cats. You only need to adjust the time to your needs.

Prices in the price list are valid only in Prague.

Surroundings of Prague - kilometers are added to the basic price in the price list.

The added price for kilometers outside Prague is based individually, according to a travel calculator, available to the public on the Internet.

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Just in case, cat mom has liability insurance for entrepreneurs with Allianz pojišťovna a.s. with a limit of 5,000,000 Kč.

Order form

I'll contact you within 24 hours after completing the form. Please type specific requests in the Message box.

I look forward to meeting you and your pet!

Objednávka hlídání

Failing to submit the form? Contact me at

In addition to cat sitting, I work with and help these organizations

Kočky ČB logo

Kočky ČB

Within its limited capacity and financial resources, organization Kočky ČB helps abandoned, stray and abused cats (and not only them) in southern Bohemia. We have our fosters housed in our homes, where we provide all the necessary care and eventually find them new homes.

We are a group of volunteers who look after cats in their own time and without any fee (each of us is fed a completely different profession).